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No matter if you have a great marriage or one in trouble, run not walk to the nearest bookstore and get THE LANGUAGE OF LOVE & RESPECT BY Dr. Emerson Eggericgs,

January 3, 2010

This book cracks the communication code with your mate.  It explains that men think in blue and women think in pink and we must understand that to  communicate. Blue desires respect and pink desire love and together they can achieve God’s purple.  He uses scripture to back everything he says.  He explains that most partners don’t mean to hurt their spouses but they just can’t communicate.  But more than important that pleasing your spouse is pleasing the Lord.  He suggested visualizing Christ behind your spouse’s shoulder, as you speak to him. That will help with respectful speech.

One of the great paragraph’s in the book says, “So I encourage every husband and wife to commit to the ‘Jesus Way of Talking’. Instead of allowing the stress of the situation to control you, you can say to yourself, “Because I love the Lord and I know that HE rewards every good word, I will be uplifing, forgiving, thankful, and scriptural in my speech because my ultimate goal is to please the Lord.  Whatever my spouse’s weakness or bad habit might be, I will not let them cause me to sin with my lips.”

I was sure convicted to respect my husband with my speech.