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WHERE IS GOD by Dr. John Townsend

March 3, 2010


I read this book for Book Sneeze.   We all have problems. Problems that sometimes seem impossible to find solutions, as if, we are going to drown in them.  And we ask the questions, “Where is God”.  Dr. Townsend says this is the right question to ask and looking for God is the first move in the right direction.  He stresses that “He (God) deeply desires a personal relationship with us. He is not satisfied with our external obedience or our ritual or our compliance.  He wants a connection- one from the heart.”(pg.30)  “So the only conclusion I can reach is that love must be worth a great deal to God because it comes at a very, very high price.  It must be indeed precious to Him.  God allows thing to go wrong in terrible, terrible ways because He wants people to love Him and one another from our hearts and not from force”(pg40).

Dr. Townsend  says that God suffers  with us during our difficulty times. “He not only empathizes, but He also identifies.  That is, God feels what is happening to you as if it is happining to Him. He is not only on the outside, being with you (which is helpful in itself), but He is also on the inside suffering as you suffer.  Not just for you, but with you.”  It is good for us to remember that God is present, active and protective, working behind the scenes.  When we can’t see His hand working on our behalf, we must just trust His heart and cling to His promises.  On page 147 Dr. Townsend says, ” When God shows up and answers (your prayers), mark the experience.  We are to celebrate it, speak of it, journal it, and memoralize it.  Marking the experience helps faith grow in us so that we are more capable to trust Him the next time diffiulty occurs.”

I think this book had wonderful principles and great advice, but I did find it rather dry reading in parts.