Essentials For Life by Marcia Ford

I read this book for BookSneeze.  The subtitle for this book is “Your Back -to-Basics Guide to What Matter Most.” I think it would especially make a great gift to a new christian.  But I feel we could all benefit by being reminded what the “basics” are and to see if our lives line up.

This book is divided into 50 short chapters such as “Learn to Forgive”, “Believe What the Bible Says”, “Clarify What Faith Is” &” Pursue a Life of Holiness”.  Each chapter has wonderful insight and scripture to back it up.  It also has some quotes from great christian leaders.  At the end of each chapter it has a great summary page with applications to apply to your life.  I read this book through in a couple of days but I am going to go back and meditate on a chapter at a time.  I think this is what the author intented for this book. It would make a great daily devotional.

I think the last chapter was the most encouraging to me. The title is,”Live Intentionally” and I quote, ” Scottish theologian Carl Bard once made this observation: ‘ Though no one can go back and make a brand-new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand-new ending.’  “You can do that – you really can.  Start from now. Start living with purpose. Start living in the present – intentionally. And make a brand- new ending for yourself.”

I think this is a great book. There were only a couple of small things that I disagreed with but nothing major. I would highly recommend this book.


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