Storm Warnings by Billy Graham

I had the honor of reading this book compliments of Book Sneeze.   This is such a fantastic book explaining, in easy to understand language, what is going on in the world today and what is to come.  It is a book that should wake us up to God’s truth and snap out of our complacency!  Mr. Graham uses current events and compares them with scripture. He uses Revelation along with other scripture.  He exposes Satan’s schemes to counterfiet God and to lead us astray.He speaks very frankly without apology.  We need to be well grounded in God’s word and I don’t believe anyone is more grounded that Mr. Graham. 

The front cover says,” Drawing on a lifetime of Bible study and ministry, Billy Graham reveals that the storms we are facing, and the storms that are yet to come, give mankind the opportunity to consider where we stand before the One who hold the book of life.  With keen insight and calm reassurance, Graham answers tough questiona about the sighs of the times and the points readers to Jesus Christ as the means of hope and renewal for our families, our nation, and our world.”

This book is definately worth the time to read. The world is becoming more and more evil and has turned it’s back on God. But there will be a judgement day….be prepared.


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