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The Edge of Divine by Sandi Patty

July 20, 2010

First I would like to thank Booksneeze for giving me this book to read and review.

I almost didn’t order the book but am so glad that I did. I had no idea it dealt with her struggle to lose weight and her lapband surgery. I have been struggling with my weight almost my entire adult life and think this book will help me see why I am over eating. 

This book read like she was sitting in my living room having a cup of coffee and sharing her life story. She was very candid about her mistakes and the forgiveness she has in Christ.  The counseling she had before her surgery was life changing for her.  It helped her understand her passion for food.  She had been sexually abused as a 6 year old and had used food as comfort.

With compassion she shares the lessons she has learned to help others recognize and act on the “edges” in their lives.  She calls “edges, the points at which someting is likely to happen”. Thus comes the title, ” The Edge of the Divine”.  “She welcomes you to join her in making choices that bring actions in line with priorities while pursuing God’s goal for his beloved children -The abundantly rewarding life awaiting us beyond, ‘The Edge of Divine’.”

This book is certainly not just about her weight loss journey but her life journey with God and her family.


July 14, 2010


I first want to thank Book Sneeze for giving me this book. It is my first book by John McArthur, that I have read. I felt it was one that I needed to have my dictionary close by.

I totally agree with McArthur in his introduction that “What you think of God will automatically color how we think about everything else-especially how you prioritize values; how you  determine right and wrong; and what you think of your own place in the universe. That in turn will surely determine how you act.” 

We need to know the real Jesus, the Son of God, and how He taught while He was here on earth. So many just see Him as one who had compassion on the people and healed their diseases.  But many want to ignore His hatred of false teachings and the way He confronted those false teachers, even though they were the religious leaders of that day.  I quote from pg 162, “No preacher has ever been more bold, prophetic, or provocative. No style of public ministry could possibly be more irksome to those who prefer a comfortable religion..Some left angry: some were deeply troubled by what He had to say; many had their eyes opened; and may more hardened their heart against His message. Some became His disciples, and others became His adversaries.”

But today we feel we must water the message down to please the people.  We don’t want to offend with the TRUTH.  We have been wrongly taught that conflict is always wrong. But we must stand for the truth even if it makes us unpopular or even hated.  We can read in Revelation what happens to churches that start to compromise the truth. McArthur gave lots of examples of the way Jesus confronted the false teachers of His day. McArthur says on pg. 208, “His style of ministry ought to be the model for ours, and His zeal against false religion ought to fill our hearts and minds as well.”

This book was filled with facts that we do need to know but was presented as rather, “dry reading”.

Jesus Calling by Sarah Young

July 7, 2010

I blog for Booksneeze and really appreciate receiving this book.  This is a 365 day devotional and is excellent. I hesitated ordering it, because I have so many devotionals but this is unique.  It is written as if Jesus Himself is speaking directly to you.  It offers words of hope, encouragement, comfort, and reasurrance. I would just feel peace come over me as I read each page. 

Here is a sample from May 21. “I, The Creator of the universe, am with you and for you.  What more could you need? When you feel some lack, it is because you are not connecting with Me at a deep level. I offer abundant Life; your part is to trust Me, refusing to worry about anything. It is not so much adverse events that make you anxious as it is your thoughts about those events. Your mind engages in efforts to take control of a situation, to bring about the result you desire. Your thoughts close in on the problem like ravenous wolves.  Determined to make things go your way, you forget that I am in charge of your life.  The only remedy is to switch your focus from the problem to My Presence. Stop all your striving, and watch to see what I will do. I am the Lord!”

I was comforted from reading each day’s devotion and I plan on giving this book to family and friends for gifts. I am so thankful that Booksneeze gave me the opportunity to read it. I will be using it for years to come.