The Edge of Divine by Sandi Patty

First I would like to thank Booksneeze for giving me this book to read and review.

I almost didn’t order the book but am so glad that I did. I had no idea it dealt with her struggle to lose weight and her lapband surgery. I have been struggling with my weight almost my entire adult life and think this book will help me see why I am over eating. 

This book read like she was sitting in my living room having a cup of coffee and sharing her life story. She was very candid about her mistakes and the forgiveness she has in Christ.  The counseling she had before her surgery was life changing for her.  It helped her understand her passion for food.  She had been sexually abused as a 6 year old and had used food as comfort.

With compassion she shares the lessons she has learned to help others recognize and act on the “edges” in their lives.  She calls “edges, the points at which someting is likely to happen”. Thus comes the title, ” The Edge of the Divine”.  “She welcomes you to join her in making choices that bring actions in line with priorities while pursuing God’s goal for his beloved children -The abundantly rewarding life awaiting us beyond, ‘The Edge of Divine’.”

This book is certainly not just about her weight loss journey but her life journey with God and her family.


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