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THE HEAVENS PROCLAIM HIS GLORY created and compliled by Lisa Stilwell

August 30, 2010

I would love to thank Book Sneeze for giving this book to me.  This is a beautiful gift or coffee table book. The pictures are unbelievable.  They are taken by the Hubble Space Telescope. ” The Hubble Space Telescope is a space-base telescope that was launched in 1990 by the space shuttle.  From it’s positon 380 miles above the Earth’s surface, the HST has expanded our understanding of star birth, star death and galaxy evolution, and has helped move black holes from theory to fact.” (This was a quote from the book. There is no page numbers.)  Along with the  awesome pictures is scripture and wonderful quotes from Max Lucado,  Ken Ham, Joni Eareckson and many others.

The pictures are phenominal.  The colors just took my breath away.  The information was mind boggling.  “One light year is six trillion miles.  The Milky Way Galaxy is 100,000 light years across.  That is 600,000,000,000,000,000 miles”. Yes, that is 17 zeros!!! “There are about 350,000,000,000 galaxies in the universe. ”

To me, this again confirms, that there is a Mighy God, a Magnificent Creater. Jeremiah 10:12, says. “HE has made the earth by HIS power. HE has established the world by HIS wisdom, and has stretched out the heavens at HIS discretion.

I would recommend this book. Enjoy the wonders of God through the eyes of the Hubble Space Telescope.

SAME KIND OF DIFFERENT AS ME by Ron Hall & Denver Moore

August 17, 2010

I would like to thank Book Sneeze for giving me this book.  This is a true story of a wonderful, unlikely friendship between two men that lived completely different lives.  Denver was a very poor black man that worked hard as a sharecropper but only the man that owned the land made a profit.Denver was just a “modern slave”.  He escaped and ended up living a life on the streets. 

While Ron lived a lavish life as an art dealer.  But because  Ron’s wife, Deborah, listened to the call of God  and acted on it, lives were changed forever. God asked her to work at a mission and to befriend a  certain man that would in time change that city forever.  God gave her a picture of what the man looked like and she assigned her husband to befriend this man, who wanted nothing to do with anyone.  A man that everyone avoided.  But when God asks someone to do something and God is working, miracles happen.  Their relationship was unshakable and great things did happen.

I had a very hard time getting through the first few chapters of this book as it switched from Denver to Ron’s writings.  But the last half of the book was worth the struggle of the first part. It is certainly a story of a true, lasting friendship.