I want to thank Book Sneeze for giving me this wonderful book to review. And I want to thank Max Lucado for donating 100% of his royalities from this book to benefit children and families through World Vision and other faith-based compassion ministries.

Max is absolutely one of the best authors ever.  He challenges us to live a life that will continue to bless others after we are gone.  Page 7, he quotes, ” Here’s a salute to a long life: goodness that outlives the grave, love that outlives the final breath. May you live in such a way that your death is just a beginning of your life.” 

He offers so many ways that we can do just that.  And the prayers at the end of each chapter are just so touching. Prayers that I will continue to repeat to the Lord.

God hates hyprocisy and on page 92, Max lists 3 ways we can avoid it. 1 “Expect no credit for good deads” 2. Give financial gifts in secret. 3. Don’t fake spirituality” and he explains what he means by that.

Max knows how to touch your hearts, show you  where you motives are wrong and make you want to serve the Lord wholeheartedly.  God uses him in a mighty way and I hope he has lots more books coming out. Thank you Max for your insight.


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