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October 27, 2010

First, I wish to thank Dorrance Publishing for graciously giving me a complimentary copy of this book  to read and review.

This cookbook was written after the author kept diaries of foods she ate and the adverse effects some foods had on her skin.  She would have severe hives.  She discovered that water from the faucet contains lots of chemicals and advises getting a water filter.  She discovered the chemicals in our food are unhealthy and most of the prepackaged or processed foods contain additives.  She advises that even if you don’t have allergies, you should be eating healthy and natural foods.  None of the recipes have white flour or white sugar because they have been through a bleaching process. 

There are lot of recipes in this book and advice of how to live healthier.  I wish she would have listed the calories, grams of fat and fiber in each recipe.  But other than her not listing that, I loved the book.  It has caused me to be more careful reading the food labels. I would recommend this book to anyone trying to eat healthier.


October 16, 2010

 First, I would like to thank Dorance Publishing Company for giving me a complimentary copy of this book.

Buddy is an adorable  white and tan dog that personally tells his story. Buddy tries to be a good dog, but finds it is hard to do sometimes.  He tells his story of what happened during the week and then he asks a question for the reader to answer. One of the questions is, “Did you ever do anything wrong and ask for forgiveness? What did you do wrong? He has 15 different weeks of adventures he shares with questions at the end of each week for the reader to think about in order to make the “right decison”.  This book is geared toward elementary school children. I think this book would be enjoyed by children while teaching them to make good choices. I think children would enjoy the cute  pictures of Buddy, also.

JESUS CALLING by Sarah Young

October 5, 2010

Jesus Calling: 365 Devotions For Kids (Hardcover) First, I want to thank Book Sneeze for giving me a complimetary copy of this book to read. I loved this 365 day devotional directed to children, ages around 6 to 14. I wish I would have had this book for my children when they were growing up.

Each day begins with a title, a scripture, then a two to four paragraph devotion, designed to show the reader the importance of spending quiet time with the Lord daily. It is written as if the Lord Himself, is speaking directly . At the bottom of the page is additional scripture to look up and read.

I hated having to read it so quickly to review it. Each page was so rich, showing how much Jesus loves us unconditionally and that He desires us to spend time with Him. This is a quote for November 12, “Instead of trying to work for My blessings, I want you to receive them thankfully. I give you good gifts because I love to see your joy when you receive them. So open your hands and your heart, and accept My blessings gratefully. This brings Joy to you and to Me.”

It also shows how you should bring your sins and mistakes to God. This is a quote from April 10, ” You are safe with Me. Bring Me your mistakes; I won’t laugh at you. Bring Me your sins; I won’t keep reminding you of them. I am here to forgive you, to encourage you, and to love you. Nothing is wasted when you bring everything to Me. My grace can transform even your sins and mistakes into something wonderful–much like I transform a caterpillar into a magnificent butterfly. Trust Me
with everything, and I will give you ‘wings’ to soar through life with me”.

I really loved reading this and think it would be a wonderful gift for a young person. I have recommended it to “several grandmas” already. The book has an old look to it. I am not sure that I like that but you can’t tell a book by its cover!!



October 2, 2010

I wish to thank Tyndale House Publishers for providing me with a complimentary copy of this book.  The subtitle is “Remarkable True Stories of God’s Miraculous Work In The Muslim World”.

This is a fasinating book, one that I could not put down. It was written by a missionary in an Arab country and she is definately seeing the Mighty hand of God working miracles for the Muslims.  She gives numerous, interesting stories of Muslims coming to faith in Jesus Christ.  Decisons that could cost them their life in their country. But once they see the truth of the Bible they can’t turn back to what they have been taught.

Remma, her husband and two children faithfully serve God, and  have experienced God’s protection for them in a hostile enviroment for Christians. This is truly an inspirational story. I highly recommend this book.  It is a powerful message of God’s power, love & providence.