UNLOCKED by Karen Kingsbury

First,  I would like to thank Zondervan for giving me a complimentary copy of this book.

This  book was inspired by a 10 year old, noncommunicative, autistic boy that Karen Kingsbury met at a Christian Youth Theatre.  When she  first noticed him he was in the back of the room, rocking quietly and utterly withdrawn from the other kids.  But his mother brought him to all the rehearsals because his sister was in the play.  At each rehearsal, there was a noticable difference in his behavior.  A year later, at the next musical, this same boy who hadn’t been able to talk was performing on stage.  His mother said, “God had used the music to give us back our boy”.

    Unlocked is about Holden, who was a normal child until at the age of three and a half  when he was given too many immunizations at once. He changed immediately and was given an autisic diagnosis.

Move fifteen years forward and you will see how hard his life was for him and his family but as with the boy that inspired Karen, he too responded to music in an amazing way.

This is such a heartwarming story that you will not want to put down except to get a tissue.

Karen Kingsbury is an amazing author. I loved reading this book and highly recommend it.


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