UNSTUFF by Hayley & Michael DiMarco

When I saw the title of this book and saw that it was about “Making room in your life for really matters”, I knew I HAD to read this book.  Instead of me having stuff, I feel my stuff has me!  I want to thank Tyndale so much for giving me a complementary copy of this book. For me is was life changing.

On page 50, it says that, “The truth is tht if we had less stuff, we’d have less mess. So we need to Unstuff. Clutter can be a silent, destructive force. It doesn’t make a sound, but every time we see it, it causes a little more stress.  The mess around us can bring us down and make us sluggish, lazy, and even depressed….In collecting clutter, what we’re really doing is hoarding the gifts of God rather than moving them along to someone else who could really use them.”  Did I ever need to hear that!

Not only does this book describe different areas in our lives that need to be Unstuffed, it tells you how to do it.  It is practical advice that they have proven by their own life that works.  They downsized from a large home to a 200 square feet motor home and discovered “there wasn ‘t enough stuff to distract us from what really matters: family, love, and faith.” They discovered a freedom they had never imagined.

I want to Unstuff my life so I will be more available to do the things God calls me to do, spend more relaxing time with my family and not be stressed taking care of my stuff!  Are there things in your life that God wants you to get rid of to have a closer relationship with him? UNSTUFF can help! I highly recommend it!


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