SLAVE by John MacArthur

Dr. MacArthur does an excellent job explaining that the Greek word for slave has been mistranslated in almost every English version going back to the King James Version and the Genevea Bible.  “Though the word slave (doulos in Greek) appears 124 times in the original text, it is correctly translated only once in the King  James.” “Instead of translating doulos as ‘slave’, these translations consistently substitute the work servant in its place.” 

Dr. MacArthur explains the difference between slave and servant and how that difference  affects us as christians.  Dr. MacArthur helps us understand what the Bible means when it calls Jesus Christ, our Lord & Master.  “As slaves to righteousness, believers are ‘under obligation’ (Rom.8:12, 6:18) to honor God in how they live”

I, especially, enjoyed reading the chapters entitled, “Saved from Sin, Slaved by Grace”, “From Slaves to Sons” & “Ready To Meet the Master”.  It is all backed by scripture and explained in easy to understand language. I really appreciate Book Sneeze giving me a complimentary copy of this book to read and review.  I found SLAVE both challenging and encouraging.


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