BOOK of DAYS by James L. Rubart

Cameron Vaux’s father suffered from memory loss and had not know his own son for over a year but one week before his death, he was coherent and told Cameron, “When it starts happening to you, you must find the book with all your days in it.  It might cure you. Do you understand? Find it for me, will you? Promise me you will find it.”

Six years later as Cameron’s wife was dying, she made him promise that he would find the book of days.  But Cameron ignored their request until two years later, when he started to lose his memory.  Worried that, he too, would become like his father, he enlisted his late wife’s best friend to help him find the book. The book was suppose to have been written by God Himself and contain  the past, present & future of every person. 

This book takes many twists & turns as Cameron looks in Three Peaks, Oregon.

I normally read non fiction so this book was very different as what I normally read. If you enjoy mysteries,  you will probably enjoy the book. I don’t think anyone could possibly figure out the ending without reading the book!

I would like to thank B&H Publishers for giving me a complementary copy to read and review.


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