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GRAY MATTER by David Levy, MD

February 22, 2011

Dr. Levy is a very successful,  highly skilled and highly  respected neurosurgeon.  God started impressing on him that he should pray out loud with his patients before surgery.  But he had never seen a physician pray for a patient or acknowledge God in any way.  “To say that praying out loud with a patient before would put me out  on a limb is putting it too mildly. It would catapult me out of the tree.” said Dr. Levy.  It wasn’t easy for him to get started but once he did, he saw a peace come across his patient and their family and he felt better about going in to surgery.  He never forced prayer on anyone and only prayed if the patient agreed. This book is about his different patients and their diagnosis and the difference prayer made.

I really enjoyed the transparency of Dr. Levi. Even though, he knows he is highly skilled, he knows he is not the “Great Physician”.  He also realized how holding grudges and holding on to anger adversely affects a person’s health. So he treats the entire person, not just the brain.

I really enjoyed reading this book, even though, I didn’t understand a lot of the medical terms.  I admire Dr. Levy for his boldness to obey Christ. I would like to thank Tyndale  House Publishers for giving me a complimentary copy of this book to review.


February 18, 2011

Ariella ,age sixteen, tries to return home after a futile attempt to find food. The place and date are Jerusalem, August 9, AD70.  Men, women, and children are in a panic as they try to leave the city. The city had been under siege for months but today something even worse was about to happen. When Ariella arrived home, she discovered her mother was gone to the Temple. She immediately set out to help bring her home safely. But when she got there the Temple was on fire. She tried to return home but she found her street had burned to the ground, also.  She was told only her brother, Micah, had survived. Would she be able to find him?

Ariella escapes the fall of Jerusalem only to be sold into slavery.  She even disguised herself as a boy. and is sold into a gladiator troupe.

I would like to thank B& H Publishers for giving me a complimentary copy of this book to read and review.  This book was not one that I enjoyed. I think it was well researched but it was too hard for me to follow.


February 18, 2011

Lydia Mitchell was married to a FBI agent.  She was on her way home from a meeting when her car died.  A minister that also attended the meeting stopped to help her when they saw three men dump a large limp object for the bed of the pick up and heaved it over the side of the road.  Then the men noticed Lydia and the minister.  They killed the minister and thought they had also killed Lydia.

Matt Hogan worked uncover for the FBI. “Working undercover meant more than a fake driver’s license and a fictitious name. It was living as a liar for hours, days and even months at a time. It meant becoming one of them without becoming one of them.” Unlike Hollywood, there were no retakes- a botched line, a missed mark, a mistake-could mean instant death. Matt Hogan walked in the flames many times; he experienced the fire.”  But he was the Best!

He wanted to work on finding the men that left a fellow FBI agent’s wife for dead and had dumped the body of a young woman off the road.  But this case was much more involved than finding some thugs.   The assignment takes him in the world of Russian organized crime, neo-Nazis, and the sex-slave industry.

I think this book was very well written and made me appreciate the fact that my husband didn’t work for the FBI! This isn’t the type of book that I really enjoy. It seems like it is a  “man’s book”.

I would like to thank B&H for giving me a complimentary copy of this book to read and review.

WORDS by Ginny L. Yttrup

February 18, 2011

WORDS is one of those rare books that grab your attention from the first page. A book that you can not stop reading until you have read the last page and then you realize how much it has touched your soul.

Kaylee is ten years old and has almost no material possessions. In fact, she goes hungry most days but she has the dictionary that her mother gave her before she left. She reads the book from cover to cover and then repeats.  She memorizes the words and the definition. Yes, she knows the definition of words like adversity, pain, rape and she holds them in her head until her head throbs with pain, but she can no longer speak them. She has not been able to speak  because of all the trauma. She is not supposed to leave the cabin but while he is at work, she sneaks off to “her sanctuary”- noun 1. any place of refuge: asylum. That means it’s my safe place away from him”-a redwood tree.

Sierra visits the cemetery like she has done for the last twelve years, still grieving the death of her daughter, the death she caused by using drugs.  She pulls her Jeep close to the redwood trees and that is where they see each other for the first time. They don’t even speak but each is changed. They can’t get the other one out of their mind.  This is what  I call God’s providence.  Together they will discover the healing that only the WORD can bring… Jesus Christ, Himself.

I want to thank B&H Publishers for giving me a complimentary copy of this book to read and review.  It was a touching story, one that I will not soon forget.

MY BEST FRIEND by Christian Dorr

February 18, 2011

My Best Friend was written by Christian Dorr, a ten year old boy.  He writes about his best buddy, a 145 pound Great Dane, named Logan. Each page of the book includes beautiful photographs of Christian and Logan together.  Looking at the pictures it is very obvious why they are best friends. Can you imagine sharing your bed with a 145 pound Great Dane??

 I think it is  exciting that Christian can have a book published at such a young age.  I think he did a good job. I really enjoyed all the pictures, being a dog lover myself.

I would like to thank Dorrance Publishing Company for giving me a complementary copy of this book to read and review.

BLOOD RANSOM by Lisa Harris

February 17, 2011

Joseph Komboli was returning home to the Republic of Dhambizao through the forest carrying his camera, that was given to him by his uncle.  While still protected by the brush he heard a commotion in the clearing.  A half dozen soldiers, “Ghost Soldiers”, were  kidnapping his family. “He had heard his uncle speak of the ‘rumored Ghost Soldiers’- mercenaries who appeared from nowhere and kidnapped human laborers to work as slaves for the mines. Inhabitants of isolated villages could disappear without a trace and no one would ever know.”  But Joseph had his camera and he had to save his family.

Joseph went to Natalie Sinclair for help. He had worked for Natalie as a translators. Natalie had come to the Republic of  the United States to help eradicate the diseases that affected so many people.  After Joseph finally convinced Natalie that the “ghost soldiers” were not just rumors but had actually taken his family, she enlisted the help of Dr. Chat Talcott.  Dr. Talcott was a surgeon that was on sabbatical from a medical practice in the United States and was now volunteering at a small clinic. She also showed Joseph’s pictures to her boss, Stephen, because he had contacts with the government.  He warned her to stay out of it and since she refused, it lead her, Joseph & Dr. Talcott on a run for their lives.  It involved  more than just human trafficking but also political corruption.

I would like to thank Zondervan for giving me a complimentary copy of this book to review. It was very well written and it made me much more aware of human trafficking and how we need to do what is right even if it is dangerous.

A BILLION REASONS WHY by Kristin Billerbeck

February 12, 2011

Have you ever driven a car that was just ok?  I mean, it was dependable but not fun to drive or attractive to look at.  But you had driven it so long, you just didn’t think much about it. And then you saw this candy red corvette…a 327 with mag wheels. It would be so much fun to drive, exciting and romantic but did you dare risk your dependable model?

This was a dilemma for Katie, of sorts. She was about to get engaged to Dexter. He was very predictable, not romantic or fun to be with but she could always count on him.  Then she sees Luc, an exboyfriend. He was exciting, romantic, spontaneous, rich and they had so many things in common. But he had broke her heart years earlier and she was afraid to take a risk.

 Luc wants Katie to go back to New Orleans to sing in his brother’s wedding and she wants to pick up her grandmother’s ring that she wants to wear as an engagement ring.  Katie’s head gives her a billion reasons why she should go ahead and get engaged to Dexter but her heart tells her she is still  in love with Luc.  Katie is such a practical person so will she listen to her head or her heart?

This was such a fun book to read. I really enjoyed it. I could just feel Katie’s emotions as she tried to make the right decision.  I was given a complimentary copy of this book by Book Sneeze to review.

THE REAL SKINNY ON LOSING IT by Michelle McKinney Hammond

February 1, 2011

I was really impressed with “THE REAL SKINNY ON LOSING IT” by Michelle McKinney Hammond. One of her quotes is, “Do your body calculations, and set your goal–When you know exactly what you’re dealing with, you will know how to chart your course and move forward. The truth equips you to make the right choices. Truth helps you to not just make the right choices but to love the choices you make because you know the ‘why’ of what you’re doing. This is empowering.”
This is what Michelle does. She gives you information to know how to eat healthy and lose weight. She has had lots of experience of doing it the wrong way with fad diets and other conventional ways but she did the research to find out what works and what doesn’t. I have been hearing on the news about “eating according to your blood type” but didn’t know what foods I should eat or avoid and she lists foods for each blood type with a web site to get more information for your particular blood type.
She includes a chapter on fasting to cleanse your body and one on fun ways to exercise. At the end of the book she includes recipes.
This not just another boring diet book. She gave lots of information in a fun way. After dieting off and on for 40 years, I thought I knew all the things to do but just didn’t have the will power to stick with it but I think this book really gave me new information that will really be helpful. It is not a diet but a lifestyle.
I would like to thank Tyndale Publishers for giving me a free copy of this book to review.