THE REAL SKINNY ON LOSING IT by Michelle McKinney Hammond

I was really impressed with “THE REAL SKINNY ON LOSING IT” by Michelle McKinney Hammond. One of her quotes is, “Do your body calculations, and set your goal–When you know exactly what you’re dealing with, you will know how to chart your course and move forward. The truth equips you to make the right choices. Truth helps you to not just make the right choices but to love the choices you make because you know the ‘why’ of what you’re doing. This is empowering.”
This is what Michelle does. She gives you information to know how to eat healthy and lose weight. She has had lots of experience of doing it the wrong way with fad diets and other conventional ways but she did the research to find out what works and what doesn’t. I have been hearing on the news about “eating according to your blood type” but didn’t know what foods I should eat or avoid and she lists foods for each blood type with a web site to get more information for your particular blood type.
She includes a chapter on fasting to cleanse your body and one on fun ways to exercise. At the end of the book she includes recipes.
This not just another boring diet book. She gave lots of information in a fun way. After dieting off and on for 40 years, I thought I knew all the things to do but just didn’t have the will power to stick with it but I think this book really gave me new information that will really be helpful. It is not a diet but a lifestyle.
I would like to thank Tyndale Publishers for giving me a free copy of this book to review.


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