BLOOD RANSOM by Lisa Harris

Joseph Komboli was returning home to the Republic of Dhambizao through the forest carrying his camera, that was given to him by his uncle.  While still protected by the brush he heard a commotion in the clearing.  A half dozen soldiers, “Ghost Soldiers”, were  kidnapping his family. “He had heard his uncle speak of the ‘rumored Ghost Soldiers’- mercenaries who appeared from nowhere and kidnapped human laborers to work as slaves for the mines. Inhabitants of isolated villages could disappear without a trace and no one would ever know.”  But Joseph had his camera and he had to save his family.

Joseph went to Natalie Sinclair for help. He had worked for Natalie as a translators. Natalie had come to the Republic of  the United States to help eradicate the diseases that affected so many people.  After Joseph finally convinced Natalie that the “ghost soldiers” were not just rumors but had actually taken his family, she enlisted the help of Dr. Chat Talcott.  Dr. Talcott was a surgeon that was on sabbatical from a medical practice in the United States and was now volunteering at a small clinic. She also showed Joseph’s pictures to her boss, Stephen, because he had contacts with the government.  He warned her to stay out of it and since she refused, it lead her, Joseph & Dr. Talcott on a run for their lives.  It involved  more than just human trafficking but also political corruption.

I would like to thank Zondervan for giving me a complimentary copy of this book to review. It was very well written and it made me much more aware of human trafficking and how we need to do what is right even if it is dangerous.


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