WORDS by Ginny L. Yttrup

WORDS is one of those rare books that grab your attention from the first page. A book that you can not stop reading until you have read the last page and then you realize how much it has touched your soul.

Kaylee is ten years old and has almost no material possessions. In fact, she goes hungry most days but she has the dictionary that her mother gave her before she left. She reads the book from cover to cover and then repeats.  She memorizes the words and the definition. Yes, she knows the definition of words like adversity, pain, rape and she holds them in her head until her head throbs with pain, but she can no longer speak them. She has not been able to speak  because of all the trauma. She is not supposed to leave the cabin but while he is at work, she sneaks off to “her sanctuary”- noun 1. any place of refuge: asylum. That means it’s my safe place away from him”-a redwood tree.

Sierra visits the cemetery like she has done for the last twelve years, still grieving the death of her daughter, the death she caused by using drugs.  She pulls her Jeep close to the redwood trees and that is where they see each other for the first time. They don’t even speak but each is changed. They can’t get the other one out of their mind.  This is what  I call God’s providence.  Together they will discover the healing that only the WORD can bring… Jesus Christ, Himself.

I want to thank B&H Publishers for giving me a complimentary copy of this book to read and review.  It was a touching story, one that I will not soon forget.


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