HEART OF LIES by Jill Marie Landis

Maddie Grande kept having the terrifying dream night after night.   The dream involved her, as a child, running with a greasy dark-haired man and a faceless blonde girl, a couple of years older than herself. But she can not remember who they are!   She now lives in a bare cabin in the swamp of New Orleans with “the twins”.  But she grew up as a tribe member who had to steal and beg stay alive.

One day “the twins” brought home an eight year old year girl they had kidnapped for the reward money. They left the girl for Maddie to care for until they got their money. Maddie’s heart was broken for the girl’s mother but didn’t know what to do. Then the girl ran away!

Tom Abbott’s job is to find the kidnapped girl.  He is a man of honor, the opposite of the life Maddie has lived. So why is he attracted to Maddie when his job to find the girl leads to Maddie’s cabin?  And why would a woman like Maddie even dream of  having a man like Tom love to her? 

You must read this book to find out if the kidnapped girl was returned to her family and if Maddie’s reoccurring nightmares were resolved. Don’t you want to find out what happened to Maddie and Tom?

  I would like to thank Zondervan Publishers for giving me a complimentary copy of this book to read and review honestly. I enjoyed reading this suspenseful romantic novel.


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