DANCING ON GLASS by Pamela Binnings Ewen

Dancing on Glass is a novel but, unfortunately, could be a non-fiction.  It is a story of  Amalise Catoir, a law student and Philip Sharp.  Philip led Amalise to believe he was a professor and artist, but that was just a few of the lies he had told her. 

She had met him at an art exhibit and she couldn’t get him out of her mind.  He wanted to paint her portrait which caused her to start missing her classes.  She did everything he asked because she didn’t want to lose him.  He soon moved into her apartment and controlled her even more.  This is when she found out he was not a professor and his art work was at an exhibit because he had conned the owner of the studio.  But he became so needy, she couldn’t hurt him by leaving him.  He stopped her from attending church, from spending time with her family. A year later, they were married and he became even more possessive of her.  She had to rush home after work or he would get really upset.  He got so lonesome spending the days at home alone because he didn’t have a job and didn’t care to get one since she was supporting the both of them.

He continued to become more and demanding.  “He demanded accounting for her day, for the evenings she worked.  Asked for phone numbers for the conference rooms, who she’d seen, whom she’d talked to that day, details of her assignments. She provided everything to him”. (pg.268). But with insecure, possessive people it just kept escalating. 

This book was one I could not put down. I had to stay up late until I had it finished. I would highly recommend it. I would like to thank B&H Publishing Group for giving me a complimentery copy.


One Response to “DANCING ON GLASS by Pamela Binnings Ewen”

  1. Pamela Ewen Says:

    Geri – Thanks for your thoughtful review. You’re so right, there are many many women hiding this secret in their lives today. Pamela

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