Living with Alzheimer’s was a book written by Dr. Garza.  His beloved wife had Alzheimer and he wrote the book to warn others of the early symptoms. He gave advice about how to care for a patient to finding assisted living. He also kept a daily diary of his wife’s condition as he visited her  once or twice a day.  Alzheimer is a terrible disease that robs a person of their mind. He can change a sweet person into a violent person.  Dr. Garza never knew when he went to visit his beloved wife what kind of mood she would be in.

At first, he couldn’t accept that she was losing her memory. He would make excuses for her behavior.  I understand this because my Father was the same way. He was so devoted to my Mother, that he couldn’t betray her by telling others or even himself, she had Alzheimer’s.

I loved reading about the love and devotion Dr. Garza had for his dear wife and the care he gave her. But there was too much repetition in  the book.  It got old reading the same thing over and over.  I would like to thank Dorrance Publishing Company for giving me a complimentary copy of this book.


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