On the way home one evening, Abe Sommers fell asleep and his horse and buggy were hit by a truck.  His two daughers were killed and his wife went into early labor.  Born was Marianna.  She always tried to be the perfect daughter because she felt she was replacing her two sisters.  Yet, her mother always seemed sad.  They lived in an Indiana Amish community and she felt she would always live there and eventually marry, Aaron Zook.  Although, they had never dated.

Marianna’s, brother, Levi, had left the community and was living  with the Englisch people. This was such a worry to their mother, that Abe decided that Uncle Ike was right. They should move to Montana for a year near Uncle Ike.  No one in the family was happy about the move. Marianna promised her dad that she would stay six months and then return to Indiana to marry Aaron.

But amazing things happened in Montana. He mother began to laugh again and Marianna began to know the God of the Bible. The God that is full of grace and mercy. A personal God. A God that is  not a God of  “rules” like she had grown up thinking.  This book takes you through her discoveries before it was time to board the train and return back to Indiana.  You will the love to read what happened on the train!

I would like to thank B&H Publishers for giving me a complimentary copy of this book. I had never read an Amish novel before and learned so much about them.  It was very well written.


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