CRAVING GRACE by Lisa Velthouse

Lisa wrote this book with such humility and transparency.  The things she shared, I can relate to,  but wouldn’t have the courage to put it in print. 

 She had lived her life trying to earn God’s love and blessings. She was careful to do the do list and avoid the don’t list but didn’t really understand the grace of God, which make for a frustrating life.  She desired to be married but felt God was holding this back from her.  She fasted from sweets for six months to earn God’s favor.  But in the end she meet God and His grace. “I was beginning to see what it mean to be drawn to God–not committed out of mere duty, not faithful simply because it might cajole Him into favor, but attracted to Him and won over by the reckless extent of His love.” 

I would love to thank Tyndale for giving me a complimentary copy of this book to read and honestly review.  I loved this book.  I think a lot of us struggle with God’s amazing grace.  We can throw out the  rule book and just love Him and bask in His love for us.


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