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The boy who came back from heaven by Kevin & Alex Malarkey

July 11, 2011

On November 14, 2004 Kevin and his son Alex were in a terrible car accident that would change their lives and many others forever.  The day before the accident Kevin and his wife had just brought their new baby home from the hospital.  I can not imagine the emotions going from the joy of bringing a new baby home to having to stay in the hospital waiting to see if their son would come out of his coma.

 Alex, a believer of Jesus Christ, was only 6 years old at the time of the accident. He had an amazing story to tell his family of what transpired at the scene of the accident and later in the hospital.  Alex watched the accident scene from above with Jesus.  He saw things that happened at the accident scene even after he was airlifted to the hospital. Alex said that he went  inside the gates of heaven.  He describes what he saw in heaven, except for the things that Jesus asked him to keep secret.  He describes the angels that were in heaven and the ones that were present in his room and how they helped him, even healing his broken neck. And they continued to minister to Alex with him even knowing their names.

I loved the way their church and others stepped forward to help out. I loved reading about all the people that prayed for Alex at the accident scene and met Kevin at a later time to share their story.

This was a very God focused book and I really enjoyed reading it. God is an amazing God, perhaps, He did show Alex heaven. I have no right to say but  I do know that Alex is an amazing child.  I would like to thank Tyndale for giving me this book free of charge to read and review honestly.

THE SERAPH SEAL by Leonard Sweet & Lori Wagner

July 11, 2011

This is a hard book review for me since I could not get into it. It seemed to just skip from person to person and place to place.  It is just not the type of book I enjoy but I am know there are lots of people that loved it. 

This is an apocalyptic story and  the main character is  Paul Binder.  The adventure started when Paul received a note that said, ” Dear Dr. Binder, If you are receiving this letter, the year will be 2048-thirty-six years after your birth and the birth of the eight.  The Time of Becoming has now reached fruition.  Locate the manuscript of the Diatessaron.  You have been chosen to unlock the future of your world.  The cross key will guide you. Use it wisely.”  Paul had no idea what the note meant, but it would lead him all over the world with Angela who worked at the Centre for Manuscript and Print Studies.

When they were in Tuscany, Italy, A Dr. Pietro Engiola met with the pair and shocked them with this statement: (pg.202 & 203) “Dr. Binder, the Society of Messengers has been avidly waiting for you. You have been selected from before the timeof your birth by the Lamb of God to determine the Way of the Seal–to locate and lead those together who might choose to bring hope and a new dawn for the earth–for all creation, and for those who will choose to embrace Truth and to welcome the resurrection hope of Jesus the Christ.  The earth as you know it is fast fading away, as I’m sure you’ve been noticing by now.  But God always opens new possibilities for life, even in the midst of the darkest hours of humanity.  The Way is being revealed to you, but your path is one you must discover for yourself.  We help where and when we can. You’d have no doubt found your way to this place if I hadn’t invited you.  But time is of the essence and you are going to need this.”  What would Paul need? What would be revealed to Paul? What path would Paul take? What would happen to the world?  You must read the 420 page book to find out.  Also, included in the  back of the book is “The Journals and Notes of Paul Binder.’  Also, which I found very interesting ,was a section entitled:  Alphabet Of The Apocalypse: Reading the Signs of the Times.”

I received this book from Book Sneeze to read and give an honest review.