The boy who came back from heaven by Kevin & Alex Malarkey

On November 14, 2004 Kevin and his son Alex were in a terrible car accident that would change their lives and many others forever.  The day before the accident Kevin and his wife had just brought their new baby home from the hospital.  I can not imagine the emotions going from the joy of bringing a new baby home to having to stay in the hospital waiting to see if their son would come out of his coma.

 Alex, a believer of Jesus Christ, was only 6 years old at the time of the accident. He had an amazing story to tell his family of what transpired at the scene of the accident and later in the hospital.  Alex watched the accident scene from above with Jesus.  He saw things that happened at the accident scene even after he was airlifted to the hospital. Alex said that he went  inside the gates of heaven.  He describes what he saw in heaven, except for the things that Jesus asked him to keep secret.  He describes the angels that were in heaven and the ones that were present in his room and how they helped him, even healing his broken neck. And they continued to minister to Alex with him even knowing their names.

I loved the way their church and others stepped forward to help out. I loved reading about all the people that prayed for Alex at the accident scene and met Kevin at a later time to share their story.

This was a very God focused book and I really enjoyed reading it. God is an amazing God, perhaps, He did show Alex heaven. I have no right to say but  I do know that Alex is an amazing child.  I would like to thank Tyndale for giving me this book free of charge to read and review honestly.


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