I love Beth Moore’s Bible Study’s and was thrilled when Tyndale offered me a complimentary copy of  the Leader’s Guide to So Long Insecurity to review. It is a fantastic study. But you do need her book that goes along with the workbook to do the study.

I found this study a lot different from her other studies but I think it is life changing.  I did the study by myself because my Bible study group are doing another study but I hope to use this study with them as our next study.  It is a ten week study. She recommends keeping a journal during this time.  I think most of us feel insecure at least part of the time but we don’t have to. God’s Word has the solution and Beth teaches it in a way only Beth can.  I loved the prayer on pages 165-174 and was able to pray this with someone recently who was suffering with insecurities. It is a powerful prayer!

I would highly recommend this book for everyone.  Can’t wait to study it again with my Bible Study group. Thank you Tyndale Publishers for the privilege of doing this great Bible Study.


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