When Book Sneeze offered me this complimentary book to review, I was so excited. I love Patsy Clairmont and her books are full of humor. But  this book has a more serious tone to it. It is to help the broken hearted and haven’t we all been there at different time during our life. But Patsy points to God, who can take the broken pieces of of our heart and transform them into something beautiful and purposeful.  She uses examples from her own life and shows how God helped her out of agoraphobia and sustained her when her son was seriously ill, among other things. 

At the end of each chapter, Patsy has “THE ART GALLERY”, where she lists Museums of special interest, poems and music she loves and a sometimes a prayer for the broken hearted or a scripture.  I love Mandisa and was glad she listed several of her songs that spoke to Patsy’s heart as well as to mine.

Patsy has a way with words and has the gift of encouragement. This book would make an excellent gift to someone that is wandering  through life with a broken heart and no real purpose. Patsy can direct them to God and He can heal a broken heart and make something extraordinary out of those broken pieces.

I want to thank Book Sneeze, a division of Thomas Nelson Publishing Company for the complimentray copy of this book.


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