THUNDER OF HEAVEN by Tim LaHaye & Craig Parshall

This is the second book of “THE END SERIES”, the first being “Edge Of Apocalypse”.  When Zondervan offered me a complimentary copy of “Thunder of Heaven”, I went out and got a copy of “Edge Of Apocalypse” to read first but I found that you can enjoy the second book without reading the first. In fact, I enjoyed the second book more than the first.

This is a fiction but is based on Scripture. If you like to read “end time” books, you will enjoy this fast paced book.  Joshua Jordan with his wife, Abigail and a few select others, work to save the US from nuculear disaster while the corrupted government tries to prosecute them. 

Israel is also at risk with Russia and her allies coming against Israel to finally destroy her but God shows up in a mighty way and destroys those who intented to destroy Israel. I loved reading the last couple of chapters.   God will detroy Israel’s enemies just as He said He would.  In 1st Samuel 2:10 “those that oppose the Lord will be shattered, He will thunder against them from heaven.” and thunder He did. I don’t normally give away the end of the book but there is lots of excitement and adventure before you get to the end. Enjoy.


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