THE CHAIR by James L. Rubart

Corin Roscoe was totally surprised when a mysterious,  elderly, woman came into his antique shop and presented him with ” a very special chair”  because, “you need it.”  She said a craftsman who lived long ago made it.  Then she left!

Corin felt a strange sensation when he sat in the chair and then a boy with serious asthma sat in the chair and was healed of all his breathing problems.  His friend sat in the chair and was healed of a shoulder injury.    He tried to find out more about the chair from an old college history professor, one he believed he could trust.  But his life goes from bad to worse with even death threats.  What was with this chair and who made it? 

 I encourage you to read this fascinating book that will be impossible to put down until the last page.  It is so different that any book I have ever read. Lots of suspense but also a book on restoration. It will be coming out on September 15, 2011.  I received a complementary copy of this book from B&H Publishing Group to read and honestly review.  Thank you B& H!!


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