WHERE HAS OPRAH TAKEN US by Stephen Mansfield

This is a must read book! Mr. Mansfield has done an excellent job researching and writing this book. He tells of Oprah Winfrey’s life growing up to the present but he also gives details of how and when our country started turning from our Christian beliefs to the spiritualism we have today. “In short, the West took the ideas of the East  and created an entirely new religion of self-empowerment and enchantment, which was new in history and unrelated to anything a traditional Hindu or Buddhist or Taoist might have believed.”(pp 92-93).

Oprah was raised for a while, by her Christian grandmother & father that taught her the Bible and took her to a Baptist Church which Oprah embraced. But later, she would live with her ungodly mother and mimic her mother’s ways.  Then she was with her father again. 

Eventually, she ended up on her own show.  “She had turned from the Christianity of her youth when much of her generation had.  She had entered that other spiritual world through the portals of self-help..She had blended Christian forms, Eastern mysticism and sanitized occult practices into an intensely personal, customized religion…..The Religion of Oprah.” (pg112)  She had more and more people on her show that brought their  spiritual belief to Oprah and her millions of viewers. Each belief is explained in detail in the book. Most are such nonsense, it is hard that an intelligent person could fall for the lies.  Every person wants to believe their life is worth something, that they have a purpose yet instead of turning to the truth in the Bible, they turn to New Age spirituality.  “The great fear of course, is that by questioning and then reworking traditional religions and then making experience the arbiter of all spiritual value, Oprah Winfrey may very well be leading millions into a hodge-podge spirituality that will fail them in the time of trouble, that will not answer their soul’ need and will ultimately prove false, both as a matter of genuine experience and a matter of eternal truth.” (pg.207)

I would like to thank Book Sneeze, a division of Thomas Nelson, for giving me this complimentary book to read and give my  honest review. I would also, like to thank Stephen Mansfield for his research. I really recommend this book.  We need the truth, it will set us free.


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