More than twenty years ago, Chai Ling led the protesters at Tiananmen Square and became China’s most wanted woman.  She describes what growing up in China was like.  She tells her story with humility and honesty.  She gives details of what lead up to the protests and how difficult the situation became.  She had to go underground and eventually came to the United States with her husband in a cargo box and had to be in the box for 5 days.  In the box, her husband told her he is in love with another woman!  Can you imagine her heart ache!

Fast forward. In the United States she remarried, has three children, becomes a christian, and has a successful business and a burning  desire to help the Chinese people. She started All Girls Allowed to aid in ending abortion, infanticide and abandonment of baby girls in China. Because of the one child rule in China, more abortions have taken place than births. She feels the hurt of those who had to have an abortion, since she had four, herself. I love one of her statements.  “The message we need to communicate is not, ‘Come to God and He will forgive you’, But ‘Come to God and He will love you, heal you, and free you,'”

This book was excellent. It was well written with such emotion. Chai Ling had such courage.  I would like to than Tyndale Publishers for giving me a complementary copy of this book to read and review.

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