FALLING TO PIECES by Vannetta Chapman

Callie’s aunt dies and she inherits her quilt shop in the Amish community of Shipshewana, Indiana.  So she leaves Texas to go to Indiana to sell her aunts shop and pick up her aunt’s dog, Max.  But when she gets there, Deborah, an Amish woman, befriends her and asked  Callie to reopen the shop.  A realtor, also, advised her to reopen the shop to bring more buyers to the shop. So Callie reopened the shop until she could get a buyer.

Everyone in Shipshewana is very friendly, except for Mr.Stakehorn, the editor of the local paper.  He printed lies about her and her shop in the newspaper.  When she confronted him in the coffee shop, she got so irritated with him, she poured her glass of iced tea on his head and left.

Later, she was going to take proof to him that he was wrong when she entered the newspaper office and found him dead in his chair. Things did not look good for her. Others had seen her confrontation at the coffee shop and with him dead and her” finding him” things did not look good for her.  Especially, with the overzealous policeman in charge of the case.

 I enjoyed reading this book and would like to thank Book Sneeze for my complementary copy to read and review.  I was so disappointed at the way it ended. I wanted to know more but then I found out this is the first of three book series. So I guess my questions will be answered in the other books.

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