Stuck by Jennie Allen

Stuck is a fantastic group Bible Study that would benefit everyone but is designed as a women’s study. It is designed to strip away all the hypocrisy and get serious with God. We can not get unstuck until we admit we are stuck. We must admit we are broken and that our only way out is by God’s grace and mercy. The seven lessons in this study are: 1.Broken projects 2. Mad projects 3. Discontent projects 4. Scared projects 5 Overwhelmed projects 6. Sad projects 7. Unstuck projects.

The kits comes with DVD, Bible Study workbook, leaders book and cards that really open up converstation with the other ladies in your study. They ask questions to share with the others that really get to the point of our need which can only be answered by Jesus Christ. The work book was excellent. She teaches on the subject and there are personal questions for you to respond on what Jennie has taught. This study not only helps you draw closer to God but also closer to those that are involved with the study.  Being honest before God and others in the class brings healing and a greater love and compassion for each other.

I would like to thank Book Sneeze, a division of Thomas Nelson, for giving me this Bible study for an honest review. Ladies, please don’t remain where you are. God wants so much more for our lives. Let Jennie Allen show you the way. Thenk you Jennie.



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