4 Days To A Forever Marriage by Dr. Gary and Norma Smalley

I have always loved Dr. Smalley’s books and was excited to read this book that he co-authored with his wife, Norma. Even though I have been married for almost 44 years, I still loved to read books on improving my marriage.  This book, actually, helped me this morning. My husband made a mistake and it was costly. He told me about it as I getting ready to go to church. My first thought was anger but instantly, I remembered the theme of this book was choosing love or anger. Because of this, I chose love. He felt bad for his error and he didn’t need me making feel even worse.

This book is just over 100 pages but is packed with nuggets. The chapter titles are, “Loving Words & Actions”, “Communication and Resolving Anger”, “Affection and Intimacy”, and “Trials and Treasures”.  At the end of each chapter, there are application questions for the husband and wife to answer. The Smalleys are very honest and transparent, even sharing their own struggles.

They pointed out the “starting point’ is to understand the differences between men or women. An example is,  “A woman is usually much more in touch with her emotions, but a man is primarily concerned with the ‘facts’. 

I really thank New Leaf Publishers for giving me this book to review. I highly recommend this book for engaged couples to couples that have been married a long time.








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