WHERE HAS OPRAH TAKEN US by Stephen Mansfield

September 22, 2011

This is a must read book! Mr. Mansfield has done an excellent job researching and writing this book. He tells of Oprah Winfrey’s life growing up to the present but he also gives details of how and when our country started turning from our Christian beliefs to the spiritualism we have today. “In short, the West took the ideas of the East  and created an entirely new religion of self-empowerment and enchantment, which was new in history and unrelated to anything a traditional Hindu or Buddhist or Taoist might have believed.”(pp 92-93).

Oprah was raised for a while, by her Christian grandmother & father that taught her the Bible and took her to a Baptist Church which Oprah embraced. But later, she would live with her ungodly mother and mimic her mother’s ways.  Then she was with her father again. 

Eventually, she ended up on her own show.  “She had turned from the Christianity of her youth when much of her generation had.  She had entered that other spiritual world through the portals of self-help..She had blended Christian forms, Eastern mysticism and sanitized occult practices into an intensely personal, customized religion…..The Religion of Oprah.” (pg112)  She had more and more people on her show that brought their  spiritual belief to Oprah and her millions of viewers. Each belief is explained in detail in the book. Most are such nonsense, it is hard that an intelligent person could fall for the lies.  Every person wants to believe their life is worth something, that they have a purpose yet instead of turning to the truth in the Bible, they turn to New Age spirituality.  “The great fear of course, is that by questioning and then reworking traditional religions and then making experience the arbiter of all spiritual value, Oprah Winfrey may very well be leading millions into a hodge-podge spirituality that will fail them in the time of trouble, that will not answer their soul’ need and will ultimately prove false, both as a matter of genuine experience and a matter of eternal truth.” (pg.207)

I would like to thank Book Sneeze, a division of Thomas Nelson, for giving me this complimentary book to read and give my  honest review. I would also, like to thank Stephen Mansfield for his research. I really recommend this book.  We need the truth, it will set us free.

A FRIEND IS A GREAT THING TO BE by Victoria Tallini-Vega

September 9, 2011

This is a very short book for children.  It explains that it doesn’t matter what color of hair or skin a person has or if he is short or tall.  We are all made by God and He made us to be friends. To be a friend we need to be caring, loving and sharing and not mean and hurtful.

This book is very easy for very young children to understand how to have friends and be a friend. I received this book from Dorrance Publishing Company to read and give an honest review.


September 9, 2011

Lady Kendra Townsend was born in 1777  in Arundel, England. At that time, the parents picked the husband for their daughters, but before Kendra’s mother’s death, she made Kendra’s father promise to allow Kendra to pick  own husband so she could  marry for love.  But after her father dies nearly 20 years later. Kendra’s money hungry uncle takes over and tries to force Kendra to marry someone he has worked out a deal with.  She refuses, so her uncle sends her to America to live with relatives she has never met.  She has faith that God has a plan for her life and boards a cargo ship for America.  Dorian Colburn is the captain of the ship and has the responsiblity of keeping Kendra safe.  He starts to have feeling for her but has been hurt in the past and is determined not  to give up his independence for anyone but can Kendra change his mind or does she even want to?

I received a complementary copy of this book from B&H Publishing Group to read and give an honest review.  I did enjoy this book and would recommend it to anyone that enjoys historical romance novels.

THE CHAIR by James L. Rubart

September 9, 2011

Corin Roscoe was totally surprised when a mysterious,  elderly, woman came into his antique shop and presented him with ” a very special chair”  because, “you need it.”  She said a craftsman who lived long ago made it.  Then she left!

Corin felt a strange sensation when he sat in the chair and then a boy with serious asthma sat in the chair and was healed of all his breathing problems.  His friend sat in the chair and was healed of a shoulder injury.    He tried to find out more about the chair from an old college history professor, one he believed he could trust.  But his life goes from bad to worse with even death threats.  What was with this chair and who made it? 

 I encourage you to read this fascinating book that will be impossible to put down until the last page.  It is so different that any book I have ever read. Lots of suspense but also a book on restoration. It will be coming out on September 15, 2011.  I received a complementary copy of this book from B&H Publishing Group to read and honestly review.  Thank you B& H!!

THE RIVER QUEEN by Gilbert Morris

September 6, 2011

This is the first of a series of three that are titled the “Water Wheel Series” by Gilbert Morris.  It is a Christian Historical Fiction.  I received this book from B&H Publishers to read and give an honest review. I really didn’t expect to like this book but was surprised to find it very interesting.  The book will be coming out November 15, 2011.

Julienne Ashby lived a very affluent life until her father died.  Her father’s banker had warned her father for years that the family needed to stop spending so much money but he didn’t have the heart to stop  them.  The Asby’s family thought everything was lost until Julienne discovered the deed to a river boat.  One that needed lots of repairs.  She hires Dallas Bronte to make the repairs on the boat while the family lives on it.  After lots of repair, they are able to  make money hauling merchandise, starting with smelly cattle.  But their dream is to make the boat into a luxury passenger boat.  They have one chance and that is by winning a race with the fastest boats on the river and using the prize money to finish refurbishing the boat. 


NOBODY’S CHILD by Austin Boyd

September 6, 2011

Laura Ann must do something to pay her dad’s medical bills and save the farm that has been in her family for generations.  She does the only thing she knows to do to make that kind of money. She sells her eggs.  She is full of guilt and hopes no one will ever find out about it and she was able to keep it a secret until, Sophia, the woman who is pregnant  with her eggs, shows up at her door. Her life will never be the same.  A quote from the back cover is,  “Nobody’s Child sweeps you into a world where unprecendented choices never intended by heaven lead to unintended consequences never before seen on earth.”

  I don’t think Laura Ann made a good choice but she did what she felt she had to do.  Her life took so many unexpected turns after meeting Sophia.  Thankfully, she had Ian to help her through her many trials.  I don’t want to give too many details and spoil the book for you.  But I did enjoy the book and appreciate Zondervan Publishing Company for giving me a copy of this book to read and give an honest review.

It’s Your Kid Not A Gerbil by Kevin Lemen

August 29, 2011

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August 24, 2011

This is a very short book for children to understand that there is more to them than their outward appearance.  That each one of them have a spirit -the inner part of a person; God’s agency(pg.24) It explains that God’s Spirit speaks to our spirit.  The book has 10 written pages with a page that can be colored opposite each page. It is explained in simple words so a child can understand.

I would like to thank Dorrance Publishing Company for giving me a complimentary copy of this book to review. I will be reading it to my grandchilden the next time they are visiting me.


FADE TO BLUE by Julie Carobini

August 24, 2011

This is my first book by Julie Carobini and I loved it.  This book was was extrememly hard for me to put down. I can’t wait to read her other books.  I received this complimentary book from B&H Publishing Group to read and review honestly.

Suz Mitchell is recently divorced and her ex is in prison. Jer is her four year old son. She moves to Otter Bay, CA for a fresh start.  She gets a job restoring priceless art and lives with her brother, Gage. Much to surprise, her former boyfriend, Seth, has moved to Otter Bay, also. She is trying to sort out her feeling for Seth when her ex, fresh out of prison, shows up to complicate things even more. The characters in the book seem like old friends by the time you finish the book, it is so well written. I would definately recommend this book!

THUNDER OF HEAVEN by Tim LaHaye & Craig Parshall

August 18, 2011

This is the second book of “THE END SERIES”, the first being “Edge Of Apocalypse”.  When Zondervan offered me a complimentary copy of “Thunder of Heaven”, I went out and got a copy of “Edge Of Apocalypse” to read first but I found that you can enjoy the second book without reading the first. In fact, I enjoyed the second book more than the first.

This is a fiction but is based on Scripture. If you like to read “end time” books, you will enjoy this fast paced book.  Joshua Jordan with his wife, Abigail and a few select others, work to save the US from nuculear disaster while the corrupted government tries to prosecute them. 

Israel is also at risk with Russia and her allies coming against Israel to finally destroy her but God shows up in a mighty way and destroys those who intented to destroy Israel. I loved reading the last couple of chapters.   God will detroy Israel’s enemies just as He said He would.  In 1st Samuel 2:10 “those that oppose the Lord will be shattered, He will thunder against them from heaven.” and thunder He did. I don’t normally give away the end of the book but there is lots of excitement and adventure before you get to the end. Enjoy.